Developer Student Club Lead— So It Begins…

Hey all! This is a big feat trust me.

After digging the buried blogger side of mine, I am writing this piece. So you can clap now 😎

Buried? Yes buried under the dust which accumulated over the course of time. Fear not though, its back!

Today I’m here to tell you a story. A story of how a boy stumbled onto an opportunity and…well ignored it. Typical I know for the millenials but bear with me. It happened when my friend shared this link to this program on Facebook and it intrigued me. I researched about it, found out how lucrative it was and then decided to take part the next year. Since I was a freshman and thought it would be better if I applied when I am a sophomore.

But…fate is tricky thing.

On 13th May, 2019 it appeared in front of my eyes again, this time through the Google Developers Instagram Story. I am slightly supersitious. I took this as a sign and decided to have a go at it, “ what’s the worst that could happen right?” The next day; I got my letter of recommendation from the Chairman, posted the 30 second (well 34 seconds 😜) video on YouTube and completed the application.

The deadline was 15th May, I applied on 14th May at 2pm sitting in the library after blowing a prayer on my smartphone screen. 😇

  • 2 days after the deadline…
  • My reaction…

After the reality sunk in, I grew conscious about the interview and started to browse the many time slots. I chose one for the day after tomorrow. I don’t like to drag activities. If you’re ready, get it done!

The interview went amazing! Mr Pradipta K.Sharma was a gentleman. He kept the session friendly, professional and motivating. Although the interview was quite comprehensive (about 40 minutes long 😬). During the interview I learned something peculiar. Mr Sharma told me that I was the first applicant from Pakistan. I was like…umm okay…that’s great? 😁

The next day I found out, the date was extended till 15th June. That meant one thing… LATE Decision! 😠

On the fine morning of 30th June, I accessed Gmail to check my daily email and what do you know? Your boy got in!

Immediately I got the feels. DSC LEAD! 😎

The next thing I did was visit my Departmental Chairman and aware him of the upcoming business. He was supportive, offered his ultimate help, got me in contact with the Dean and employed a Professor to assist with all of my future activities. The best line of the meeting — “You want a free slot, free classroom, just let me know.” Ooooff! 😻

What followed was community building and connections establishment. Just recently on 9th August, we all (leads) had our first ever Hangouts Call with a Google Developer Community Manager, Shad Roi de la Cruz.

The session was great! All Leads introduced themselves, exchanged interests and expertise. The agenda of the program was made clear — spreading awareness about Google technologies and enabling students to solve real world problems using them.

Shad also informed about the upcoming Google DSC Lead Summit 2019 — the first EVER to be held in Islamabad! Stay tuned to stay in the know. 😉

Since then, your boy has been pulling all-nighters (partly due to Peaky Blinders) studying. All the other leads are so experienced and skilled, its daunting. Although I am aware of the journey ahead and am ready to give it my all. Progression of tech in Pakistan and empowering the youth to BE the change is my sole priority.


I am Shahzeb Kazmi. One of the first ever DSC Leads in Pakistan and this is my story.



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Shahzeb Kazmi

Shahzeb Kazmi

Product Designer | Design Community Advocate