The Love For Community— My Story

I’ve been in and out of Medium, this time for mostly different reasons.

If you’ve been following my blogs, you know a lot about me, my history and my philosophy. How I work and what drives my work.

If we go back about 7 months from now, I was an utter nobody. Not a nobody-nobody, but a nobody in the tech community. I was an independent individual working alone for a goal. A goal which I, later found, share with many people.

We are going to keep a fast pace okay? We have a lot of ground to cover — thanks procrastination! NOT.

1…2…3…GO! 💥

So it all started with this email!

It was my gateway to Narnia. Narnia being the tech community of Pakistan. Keep up.

I was ecstatic, obviously, but this got me thinking, yeah I do that a lot. Are there other communities like this one? All it takes is a bit of Google search and for you to know what you are looking for.

GDG Islamabad Logo

I found Google Developer Groups (GDG). A more widespread community operating in multiple cities including Islamabad, GDG Islamabad.

Fate was at work and there was an upcoming event, Google IO 2019 Extended. I quickly signed up for it and took my first step out of the door and explored the tech ecosystem in my city.

I was hooked to the experience as you can guess from the excitement in the video and if you count how many times I say the word “amazing” 😆

From there it was a roller-coaster ride, more events, more meetings.

Came November and our Developer Student Clubs activities got into action. So far I had the experience of being an attendee. DSC got me on the wheel. Build and Lead a Developer community. It was tough as it was new, but like all things, it got better with practice. From my first ever event…

To my most recent club activities, it has been a long, tedious journey but a hugely rewarding one.

Recent Club Activities

To further add to this awesome journey of self-discovery, Google threw in another opportunity - The Pakistan DSC Summit 2019. All DSC Leads from 17 cities of Pakistan came together, connected, shared their aspirations and bonded for life. It was extremely fun yet enlightening and fortunately, I was able to immortalize a big chunk of that.

… all caught up? Cool!

Now the more recent events. Once you have encountered the power of a community and its impact, it is pretty difficult to shake off and you find yourself wanting more of it. The DSC community, as amazing as it is, is pretty wide-spread across the country and physical meetups are difficult.

A month back, GDG Islamabad made their recruitment season live and as you can guess, your boy applied. And what do you know? 😄

GDG Islamabad Induction

I am at a point in life where I am surrounded by people of incredible calibre and influence on society. It often gets overwhelming, I’ll be straight with you. I push myself too hard. Most of the days, my schedule has free time of like an hour. It’s all packed with college studies, self-study, DSC work, GDG activities and my life lol. I don’t mind the work, I adore it. It has unlocked this distinct aspect in my personality which I didn’t know even existed. Fear of public speaking? Try Love of public speaking. Don’t believe me? Of course, you don’t.

My recent GDG DevFest promotion session

It's just…this time in different communities, sure it's fun and all but what are we getting from reading this life story of yours? You might be thinking. 😆

Well, exactly this actually. Sharing. When you are within a community, there is no “I”. I kid you not. Knowledge and inspiration are up for grabs everywhere you look. I was a pretty private person for the better part of my life. During my time, I have learnt how you can have an even bigger impact by sharing what you know with others. In the end, it’s not about you but whom you are working for.

I am still learning, I have a long way to go. Always remember this, there is no rank, there is no 1st Place in the real world. Do you think there are no better programmers than Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates? Definitely, there are.

You cannot be a number one. What you can be is a number. Trust me, many people are not even aiming for it because they are chasing that illusion of a number one and when they don’t get it, they quit the game. Try to do the best for your community, bring them together, guide them and make their lives better. You do all that — you’ll find something you didn’t know you ever wanted.

Find your people. Help them. Stand by them. You will inspire an impact.



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